Brixton Map

The Parish Map was produced by a Brixton Volunteer Group with financial help from Local Heritage Initiative. The art work is by Brian Hucker. Maps are available from the Parish Council. Scroll down to follow the picture links for larger illustrations from the original map and for more information.

Brixton Parish Map

St Marys Church, Brixton

St Mary's Church

The Foxhound, Brixton

The Foxhound

The Priests House, Brixton

The Priest's House

The Manor House and Manor Cottages

Manor House & Manor Cottages

The Wicket, Brixton

The Wicket

Old Road, Brixton

Old Road

Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge

Stone Stile

Stone Stile

Brixton Torr Bridge

Brixton Torr Bridge

Lime Kiln near the Gorlofen to Brixton footpath

Lime Kiln nr Gorlofen to Brixton footpath

The Brickworks, Brixton

The Brickworks

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