Heritage - Survey of Devon Entry

This entry is from Survey of Devon and gives an idea of life, many years ago, when landowners had huge influence.

An entry in the Survey of Devon, transcript below

Transcript of the above entry

'BRIXTON, in the Doomsday book, Brithrickston, bordereth hereupon, which in King Henry the Second's reign, had William de Brithrickston for its lord, and which heritage, after some nineteen descents in that name, came by co-heirs unto the families of Carswell, Wivell and Barnhouse. Spriddleston is a tything wherein, as also in Forse, William Spriddle inherited: afterwards it came to be a dwelling of that notable name of Fortescue. The hamlet of Hareston was anciently the Reignalds, then Walter Colaford held the same in King Henry the Third's time; Hugh, one of his progeny, was called Harston; and in the fortieth year of Kind Edward the third, Peter Silverlock was lord thereof, after whom, by a daughter and heir of Carslake, this inheritance came unto the name of Wood, a family that possesseth the same at present.

In this parish, the name of Maynard, a family of ancient descent, both inhabiteth and inheriteth.'

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