Brixton Community Association

Brixton Community Association (BCA) is a charity that is set up to provide facilities of social welfare for recreation and leisure time activities to help improve the lives of local people.

The Committee manages the hiring of the Community Room and Hall for sport and recreation and for public and private social events/meetings.

Chairman Vernon Bellerby Tel: 01752 881424

Secretary Sylvie Cairo

Treasurer  John Parish  

Booking Clerk Liz Hitchins - Email or phone 01752 880715


In the  current uncertain environment  around COVID -19 the trustees of  Brixton Community Association have decided not to hire  the Hall or Community Room out until September 2021 at the earliest. 

A further  review of the  impact of COVID-19 will be  considered at the beginning of September before making a decision when  to   open up these facilities safely to the community. 

Brixton Community Centre

Community Room

Community RoomCommunity RoomCommunity Room
Community RoomKitchen for Community UseKitchen for Community Use
Community Sports HallCommunity Sports HallCommunity Sports Hall
Community Sports HallCommunity Sports HallCommunity Sports Hall
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