Heritage - A Statement by the Curate dated 1679

A statement by the Curate dated 1679

Transcript of the Curate's Statement

BRIXTON. March the second Anno Domni 1679.

The Rectory or Sheaf appertaines to the Dean & Cannons of The Kings Chappell att Windsor; Who allow their Curate 20£ p annum. To the Curate belongs only a House & Garden in the Aforesaid Parish.
The Curates house is situated in the Churchyard on ye north side of ye Church. The walls of the House are or stone, and it is covered with stone. The House containes four under Roomes viz,
A Hall planched to which appertains a Bench on the west side, and another little Bench under the south window.
2ly, Another room call'd the Middle House in which there is a Frame for a Table and a Great Plank.
Next to which is 3ly. A little Spence or Room.
And 4ly. A Kitchen, over which there are three Lodging Chambers & a Study.
The Chamber over the Hall is Plaistered. The Garden is about nine Porch, lying close by the House, being bounded on the Eastside by the Parish Park (which is the Parishes Land), on the south and west sides by the Churchyard, and on the north side by the Lands or Pious Uses, as they are commonly so called.

John Oltramare, Curate.

Robert Winston, Schoolmaster.
Waltar Stert, gent, & Churchwarden of Brixton ye year above mentioned.
Thomas Stert, gent

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