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Owl Carving

Brixton Play Spaces

In 2011 Friends of Brixton Play Spaces raised the funds to have both of the larger play spaces in the village completely renewed. Brixstix is adjacent to the school playing field and Silverwood is at the end of Woodland Drive (just off Red Lion Hill). At Elliot's Hill there is an attractive seating area. In Carrolsland there are also play spaces adjoining the housing development with links to the network of parish footpaths.

Alex Whish, Liz Hitchins, Chris Davey at tree planting ceremony

L to R: Alex Whish, Liz Hitchins, Chris Davey

Final Play Space on Brixton Play Trail Launched

About 40 people - adults and children - came to the opening of the delightful new play space on Elliot's Hill on Saturday morning 22nd March with its beautiful owl seat, stepping blocks and silver birch trees. Ian Macpherson came with barn owls for everyone to hold and stroke and there were cup cakes made by Jackie Lowe for the children.

A silver birch tree, a gift to the Parish marking their 140th anniversary in the area, was planted by Chris Davey, from Luscombe Maye, Estate Agents. Flanders poppy seeds were also planted.

Alex Whish, Chairman of Friends of Brixton Play Spaces, thanked everyone for their hard work over the past 5 years in improving the play spaces in the village and in completing the trail which is marked by a logo of a girl jumping, he also thanked DCH for all their help in making the site at Elliot's Hill so attractive. He added that he hoped that all children, young people and their families would enjoy the different play and social opportunities the sites along the play trail from Woodland Drive to Elliot's Hill provide.

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