Brixton Devon
Owl Carving

Our Environment

Our vision for the environment is to conserve and enhance the rural and historic environment of Brixton Parish, with its beautiful landscape of woods, farmland and estuary for future generations.  (Extract from Brixton Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2019)

Climate Change

Our planet is in crisis. Climate change is society’s biggest challenge and humanities greatest threat; the scientific evidence is overwhelming and the impacts severe…the future of all life on earth depends on action now.  Brixton Parish Council have declared a Climate, Environment and Biodiversity Emergency and is working with environmental experts, other local authorities, businesses and residents, to produce an ‘Environmental Action Plan’.  Please contact Brixton Parish Council for further information.

Bee Friendly

Brixton Parish Council has progressed plans in collaboration with Otter Garden Centre for the Parish and community to become ‘bee friendly’ with a flower bed of pollinators at Chittleburn Cross.  For further information please contact Brixton Parish Council.

Plastic Free

At the end of 2018 Brixton Parish Council committed to the following principles to reduce waste – Avoid / Reduce / Reuse / Recycle and all Councillors signed a plastic pledge.  There are several businesses in the parish who are working towards this goal.  For further information on this initiative please contact Brixton Parish Council.

Year of Green Action

Brixton Parish Council has signed up to The Year of Green Action ( which is about connecting people with nature, and showing how we can all take positive action to improve our environment.  For further information on what Brixton are planning please contact Brixton Parish Council.

Wildlife Community

A series of events is being organised this autumn as part of the Wildlife Community of the Year activities run by Life on the Yealm. Each session will be open for people from all of the parishes neighbouring the Yealm. The focus is upon helping people make their villages more habitable for native wildlife and between now and June 2020 the community which implements the most effective actions to support wildlife will be crowned the Wildlife Community of the Year 2020.


Brixton has a community composting scheme for residents of the parish, which provides an additional income for the village. Green garden waste can be deposited

Monday – Friday between 9.30 am -3.30 pm and on Saturday mornings from 10.00 - 11.00 am (March- November) at Catson Green. Green waste from your garden suitable for the scheme are grass mowings, hedge cuttings, weeds, prunings and small branches up to 6 inches diameter maximum and not food waste. This will be turned into compost and those contributing have access to the free compost in return. For further details contact Alan Powell on 880957 or by e-mail to

Located at  Red Lion Hill and turn left at Wollaton Cross and the gate ¼ mile on the right hand side  - Lodge Lane to the crossroads, then turn right and continue 100 yards and on the left hand side is the gate.

Street sweeping

Brixton Parish Council has a group of volunteers who work together improve the appearance of our village on the first Saturday in the month (except January and August).  They clear the weeds, sweep the streets, clear drains, wash down bus shelters and telephone boxes, reduce fly posters and pick up the litter to name just a few.  This has been taking place for over a year now and the appearance of the village is much improved and continues to improve.  By ensuring that the main road is free from weeds has resulted in individual residents also taking pride in the exteriors of their own properties.  If you would like to join the group of volunteers you would be very welcome.  Please contact Liz Hitchins 01752 880715 or email for further information.