Brixton Devon
The Park, Brixton, Devon

Brixton Feoffee Trust

Charity No. 203604

The Brixton Feoffee Trust is a registered Charity (Charity No. 203604) and Trustees are subject to Charity Commission regulations.

The Brixton Feoffee Trust was set up in the 1400s by local benefactors to benefit people living in the hamlets and small farming communities in the parish of Brixton. Today the original aim of the Trust has stood the test of time, as it continues to support local people and the community of Brixton Parish, whilst supporting the upkeep of the Church – all which is detailed in the Trust Deed.

The main aim of the Trust is to help people in financial need within the Parish and to make grants to organisations within the Parish, such as youth and community groups – All Grant Applications are assessed by the Board of Trustees.